I am about wedding photography

I always wanted to be a wedding photographer and a while ago I took the leap and turned my dream into a reality. Before photography I studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Uni, then went on to become a Digital Marketing and Data Solutions Coordinator (a mouthful, I know). I’ve always loved photography and I’ve been perfecting the art for as long as I can remember. But something crazy happened to me while I spent a year backpacking in South East Asia and Latin America – I got caught up in the magic of travel and photography. It helped that those places were like a photographer’s playground – each day brought new landscapes, new cultures and new people to photograph.

I am about taking risks

But somewhere between climbing into a volcano with gas masks in Indonesia and jumping out of a plane with a non-english speaking daredevil in Chile, I was inspired to take risks. Since then I have returned to Tasmania and worked tirelessly to turn my passion of photography into a career. I’ve learnt from the best, working alongside Chelsea Parsons Photographer and Agape Media House. There’s nothing quite like working in a job that you love. From the moment I click the shutter right through to editing the final pixel in an image, I love what I do.

Portraiture and wedding photography open up a creative avenue in which I can continuously push the boundaries of. The ability to capture the love between two people at a wedding in a single photo is both a duty that I take seriously, and a privilege that I appreciate. I have a natural, un-posed style of photography and I like to go unnoticed to make people feel as comfortable as possible on their wedding day.

I am about the beauty of Hobart

I love Hobart and Tasmania, it never ceases to present the most picturesque locations and landscapes, it is truly one of the worlds best venues for producing beautiful photos.

Having a wedding in the stunning surrounds of Tasmania that can range from colonial buildings to breath-taking landscapes gives me, as a photographer, an opportunity to produce some of the most extraordinary images. I pride myself on capturing the people and the feel of your wedding.

I am about the moments at your wedding

My job is to capture the story of your wedding day and capture those memories to keep for decades to come. I also use the camera to realise the emotions of those moments. I still get excited when I go through the catalogue of images from your wedding day and I can see what people where thinking at that moment. Rather than making you feel uncomfortable by telling you to put this arm here, and that leg there, I like to keep my distance and snap all of those beautiful candid moments between you and your loved ones. I offer a range of wedding photography packages at affordable rates,  If you are a Hobart local I can sit down a discuss your photography requirements.